SIM FACTOR is a producer of unique simulation software enabling creation of the world, along with full railway and urban infrastructure. Simulation software provides not only the highest quality visual effects, but also an editor of the virtual world or rail routes. The simulation system provides a complete virtual railway traffic management module, route path planning option and ETCS simulation module.

Key software features:

  • Complete simulation world with people, animals, passengers, railway traffic, personal / truck traffic,
  • Innovative editor of the world, allowing interference in the world of simulation at the level of not only railway routes, but also the surroundings, landscape and architecture,
  • Extensive system of managing weather phenomena, temperature (evaporation), solar radiation (glare effect) or the influence of weather on the environment (wheel slip),
  • A UHD display system that allows a 360 degree view,
  • Built-in over 1000 km of railway routes, with a base of routes available to all our clients,
  • Full compliance with the requirements and scenarios recommended by Polish Office of Rail Transport,
  • Ability to register a training session,
  • Full compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.