SIM FACTOR manufactures state-of-the-art railway simulators equipped with replicas f traction vehicle cabins and a motion platform. We are a Polish company creating proprietary solutions based entirely on native technologies and products.

Simulator range:

Simulation testing ground

The simulation training ground consists of at least two trainees. This is the proprietary SIM FACTOR solution, where the technology of a single simulation is available in both immersion simulators and VR stations is simultaneous. The solution is designed to allow interaction between the rolling stock driver and other persons, e.g. the manoeuvre manager at the railway siding.

Mobile full-immersion simulator in a semi-trailers

The full-scale simulator built into the semi-trailer is a mobile training center. The product provides a fully immersion training cabin on a six-degree motion platform (6DoF), an integrated instructor station and an observation room. The semi-trailer is completely self-sufficient, equipped with a power backup system with a power exceeding 30kW and an air-conditioning system. Its design allows you to navigate on public roads.

Immersion full-cabin simulator

Full-cabin simulator, immersive on a motion platform (6DoF), with perfectly reproduced driver desk and cabin of a locomotive. Simulator features full virtualization of the locomotive, ensuring perfect reproduction of the vehicle’s dynamics, along with a complete display system based on UHD screens and surround sound system.

Stationary simulator

A stationary simulator concentrating on the driver’s desk replica along with the highest quality UHD screen presenting the vehicle’s front window. Solution provide full software functions, without motion platform.

VR simulators

Allows full interaction with the virtualized traction vehicle through the VR goggles interface.