SIM Factor, as a subcontractor of Škoda Transportation, will provide a simulator for Warsaw Metro


The project involves the construction of a full-cabin simulation station with a full-size driver’s console and an instructor desk. All current existing metro stations and approximately 36 km of routes will be mapped. The cabin will reproduce the new metro vehicles supplied by Škoda. The simulator will also include systems simulating the dynamic movement of metro 1 and 2 lines, new unusual events and threats, as well as metro-specific communication and security systems.

“We are extremely pleased that it was our company that was chosen to carry out this innovative project. As a company from Warsaw, we are proud that the drivers who are responsible for thousands of metro travelers will be trained on our simulator. It is also the first metro simulator project implemented by SIM Factor. ” – said Rafał Trznadel, SIM Factor CEO.

Offered simulation software is created and developed by SIM Factor. Our experience in the form of numerous implementations of railway, tram and other vehicle simulators guarantees reliability and full adaptation to customer needs. The planned completion date of the project is end of 2021.