SIM FACTOR full-motion simulator for Koleje Wielkopolskie


SIM FACTOR and Koleje Wielkopolskie have finalized the purchase of a train driving simulator. The device will be installed at the new rolling stock maintenance point in Wągrowiec.

The solution will consist of a training full motion train cabin, instructor and observation point, in the form of a room equipped with screens to display an image related to the session and used for educational, control and training purposes. In addition, the software, together with the visualization, sound and motion systems, will allow for training both in the field of driving based on the trackside indications as well as based on the ETCS system. The device will also allow you to simulate any weather conditions, as well as create unusual and dangerous events, such as a car at a railway crossing.

– Every day, several hundred trains are launched, and one of the basic elements we care about is safety. The purchase of a simulator will allow train drivers to constantly improve their qualifications, who will be able to consolidate the correct behavior in situations that may occur in everyday work while driving a train – Koleje Wielkopolskie.

– It will be the second full-motion PESA Elf 2 vehicle simulator developed by our company. We are glad that with this project, we will be able to enrich our base of Polish rail routes by another 1,400 km. In total, in 2022 the number of Polish rail routes available to our Clients will exceed 3,000 km. – said Rafał Trznadel, president of SIM FACTOR

The simulator will be located at the new Rolling Stock Maintenance Point in Wągrowiec. The project is co-financed from EU funds. SIM Factor has 12 months to complete the order.