SIM Factor will provide simulators to The Witelon State University of Applied Sciences in Legnica


As part of the delivery of teaching aids and equipment for the logistics and transport studies of the Faculty of Technical and Economic Sciences at The Witelon State University of Applied Sciences in Legnica. SIM Factor will provide a train simulator for a train driver and a train traffic control system simulator.

The SMART-type railway simulator will be equipped with the desktop of the Newag 6DG locomotive, simulation software with the SIM Factor route library, a teacher’s station, the entire solution will meet the requirements of the Polish Railway Transport Office. It will be the 8th SMART simulator delivered in 2020.
The second simulator, to be completed by February 2021, will be the Railway Duty Simulator – Railway Traffic Control System. The simulator will consist of five stations (posts) and a teacher’s station. The entire solution will be based on servicing multi-track posts and sidings.