SIM Factor will build space flight simulators


SIM Factor has signed a contract with Planetarium – Śląski Park Nauki for the design, construction and supply of “Flights Simulator”. The simulator design covers: five simulation platforms, a flight control centre with seats for 7 people, full wiring, Rack cabinets with full electronics for simulation platforms control and with interface, software that allows the user to connect VR to simulator chair movements, 10 VR goggles with headphones.

Each of the five simulation platforms will be composed of a manipulating platform, two turntables with full turns in relation to x and y axis, hoisting apparatus and dedicated chair with its own autonomous microhydraulic system. The dedicated motion platform will be prepared in cooperation with the company Motion Systems from Wroclaw.

For SIM Factor this is a breakthrough project because we will be responsible for the supply of an entertainment solution unique in Poland and in Europe.

The project is expected to be completed between 2020 and 2021.