SIM FACTOR signed simulator for LOTOS Kolej


LOTOS Kolej has signed a contract with SIM FACTOR for the delivery of a full-range DRAGON 2 locomotive simulator. Under this agreement, the offer of a train driver’s training center in Gdańsk will be enriched in November this year.

The modern DRAGON 2 locomotive simulator will greatly facilitate the training process for train drivers. LOTOS Kolej, which already has E6ACTa DRAGON 2 locomotives in its fleet, will use this device to improve the base of its training center. As a result, it will be able to more effectively check and develop the skills of both its drivers and operate commercially on the rail market.
The agreement between the parties includes the delivery of a complete simulation position with a 180 degree visibility range, located in an immersion cabin based on a mobile 6DOF platform. The device is equipped with specialized software correlated with the instrumentation of the cabin and has an instructor position. In the ordered version, the simulator will offer the possibility of conducting trainings on the eco-friendly driving of the locomotive – eco driving. The agreement provides for the delivery of the simulator in November 2019.
The solution will be built on proprietary SIM FACTOR simulation software. This is another railway simulator project implemented in Poland, entirely based on national technological solutions.