MOBILE Simulator


The MOBILE simulator is built on semi-trailer of a tractor unit. The semi-trailer has a hydraulic system for expanding the simulator chamber thereby allowing the unit to drive on the roads without any special permits and to expand the area while parking, thereby enabling the simulator immersion cage to move. On the semi-trailer the following are built-in simultaneously: simulator station, the instructor’s station and the server room.

Training centre

Mobile semi-trailer of the simulator is equipped with a back room which gives an option to run an independent training centre. MOBILE simulator has its own power supply system (power generator), air-conditioning system and an observation area for train drivers awaiting their training. Each of our mobile simulators has a refreshment area with a kitchen and a toilet.

Mobile cabin

The mobile simulator enables launching a solution which provides a complete train driver’s cab with 180-degree view and full-scale panel placed in an immersion cage. The mobile simulator cabin comes with all the mechanisms and functions available for a cabin simulator.

For whom

MOBILE simulator is tailored for customers with dispersed or international organizational structure as well as for centres planning to offer their services in a business model where the simulator is supplied to Customer’s premises. The fact that the MOBILE simulator is fully equipped makes this product perfect also for such entities which do not have their own training centre or a building to launch a CABIN simulator.


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