SIM FACTOR Sp. z o.o. in consortium with the architectural studio MJZ Sp. z o.o. received funding from the European Regional Development Fund under Measure 1.2 “Sector R&D programs” of the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020 of the project: “PWM – Platform for Visualization of Urban Spatial Development Plans as well as urban and architectural plans with investment analytics using augmented reality and 3D “(POIR.01.02.00-00-0037 / 19).

Project budget: PLN 4 189 481.00.

Co-financing granted to SIM Factor: PLN 1 682 911.79.

Project goal: R&D research that will lead to the creation of an application that presents spatial development plans in a clear and visually attractive form and architectural concepts based on them in the form of virtual mock-ups or virtual objects integrated into the image of the real surroundings. An important element will be the plan parameters attached to the three-dimensional image, important for all stakeholder groups, including owners of neighboring properties, potential investors and future buyers of planned buildings, flats and commercial premises.

Project duration: February 2020 – January 2022.

SIM FACTOR Sp. z o.o. has received a subsidy (PMT/0745/5N/2019) from the Polish Investment and Trade Agency as a result of the contest Polish Technological Bridges for its expansion to the Ukrainian market.

Subsidy amount: PLN 200 000.00

SIM FACTOR Sp. z o.o. has received a subsidy (PMT/0561/4N/2019) from the Polish Investment and Trade Agency as a result of the contest Polish Technological Bridges for its expansion to the Indian market.

Subsidy amount: PLN 200 000.00

SIM Factor Sp. z o.o., together with the consortium member, Sieć Badawcza Łukasiewicz – Instytut Technologii Elektronowej, has received partial financing to implement the project entitled “Innovative Educational Training Simulator with Interactive Social Prevention Modules” (DOB-BIO10/12/05/2019) carried out for the purpose of defence and security of the country selected in CONTEST NO. 10/2019 and co-financed by the National Centre for Research and Development.

The project will cover building a mobile educational training simulator which will be used by the National Fire Brigade officers for preventive activities. The simulator will facilitate execution of educational and preventive activities directed at the society. Implementation of project results by supplying a tool for the execution of social prevention activities will also serve to reduce the number of casualties and victims and the extent of property damage in situations posing a threat to people.

The training simulator will be composed of:

– an interactive simulator of risks (modelling risks in real-life conditions using expanded and virtual reality). A virtual building will be rendered where the trainee wearing VR goggles will be able to experience different forms of risk (e.g. fire, smoke, electrical failures);

– educational platform containing “good practices bank”, resource books, research results, and other materials. The platform will be a valuable source of knowledge and information concerning the development of safety culture, which constitutes an element of social prevention.

Project budget: PLN 5 015 032.00

Subsidy granted to SIM Factor: PLN 3 737 281.00

Project duration: November 2019 – November 2021.

SIM FACTOR Sp. z o.o. has received partial financing from the funds of the National Centre for Research and Development for the project selected as part of measure 1 within sub-measure 4.1.4 “Application projects” entitled “Simulation training system for shunter drivers and for workers of railway sidings and marshalling yards who are involved in shunting processes to increase their efficiency and safety of their operations”.

SIM FACTOR in consortium with the Railway Institute is implementing a project concerning the application of simulation technology to build the first in Poland railway siding simulation area. The training system will be composed of a train driver’s station, manoeuvre manager’s station and the instructor station.

For the purpose of train driver’s station, the SM-42 shunter cab will be rendered in 6dg retrofit version. The shunter structure is designed to enable the driver to drive the vehicle in both directions without additional obstacles. Therefore, the rendered cabin will have 2 control panels and a view through all the available windows (an image display system will be installed instead of window panes). This will be the first system in the world so faithfully imitating the nature of shunter’s operation. The manoeuvre manager’s station will be composed of virtual reality goggles and sensors for movement tracking and identification (hand gestures are important in the manager’s work). With VR goggles the trainee will feel as if he was in the real location while performing real manoeuvres. Both stations will be under the supervision of the instructor’s station from where it will also be possible to initiate scenarios or unforeseen events and change weather conditions.

Project budget: 4 272 154.35 PLN.

Partial financing granted to SIM Factor: PLN 2 921 589.11

End of project: October 2020

SIM FACTOR Sp. z o.o. has received partial financing from the funds of the European Fund for Regional Development under measure 1.2 “Sectoral R&D programmes” of Smart Development Operational Programme 2014-2020 for the project entitled “Development of a Technology to be Used for Creating an Open 3D World Based on Real Topographic Data and Spatial Plans”.

The main goal of the proposed solution is to supply innovative technology in the form of software which will enable the designers to automatically generate an open virtual world on the basis of the available source data: maps, plans, photos. Project implementation is a key element of SIM FACTOR strategy for the production of games aimed at the mass market. The algorithms prepared with the support of GameINN will also make it possible to retrofit simulation products of SIM FACTOR with new, previously unavailable solutions. The project of the National Centre for Research and Development is also an important commendation, the application and the very idea were highly praised and the granted funds will enable further development of the Company.

Project budget: PLN 1 371 437.00

Partial financing granted to SIM Factor: PLN 977 541,90

End of project: December 2018