SIM Factor has launched 5 new simulators in Lithuania!


We are pleased to announce that SIM Factor has successfully completed the delivery and commissioning of railway simulators for the Vilnius College of Technology and Design – formerly the Vilnius School of Rail Transport and Business Services (Vilniaus technologijų ir dizaino kolija).

The project, which lasted one year, included the delivery of 5 SMART-type simulators with interchangeable desktops, so that one of 4 vehicles can be run on them: 2М62М and TEM TMX locomotives and Skoda EJ575 and Pesa 730ML multiple units. The training room is equipped with a video wall presenting data, among others from the simulated rail traffic control system, preview of the view from any rail vahicle or presentation of a specific railway event. In addition, we have created 360 km of railway routes mapping the most important Lithuanian routes and railway stations, including: Vilnius (Vilnius), Kaunas (Kaunas), Naujoji Vilnia (Nowa Wilejka), Kena, Kybartai, Klaipeda, which gives a total of about 900 km of tracks!

Additionally, for the first time we have delivered a training session management application launched on a tablet with the ability to manage the weather, rail traffic control system and observe all five virtual traction vehicles.

As part of the projects implemented for the school, we provided a train fire extinguishing simulator, including the choice of an extinguishing agent, various types of fires and places of hazard. The extinguishing simulator is equipped with appropriate replicas of original fire extinguishers and a special interactive live-action firefighting system.

All tracks and scenery have been made entirely in our new version of the SIM Factor World Editor. Thanks to this, we were able not only to recreate the tracks, stations, surroundings but also systems of signals, semaphores and elements of the railway infrastructure specific to Lithuania. Importantly, due to interoperability, Lithuanian vehicles and new rail routes will be available to all our Clients.