VR immersive training simulator for railway personnel


SIM FACTOR Sp. z o.o. in a consortium with the Wrocław University of Technology (Politechnika Wrocławska) received funding from the National Center for Regional Research and Development (NCBiR) in the EU Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020 for the project entitled: Immersive training system for railway personnel using virtual reality technology.
The aim of the project is to carry out R&D works, which will result in the development of the Railway Training Simulation Platform for the railway sector. The platform will take into account the most important (apart from the train driver) railway professions, having a great impact on the safety and efficiency of railway processes.
The scope of the training platform will include:

  1. Training of conductor teams, which in their work most often encounter unusual, dangerous situations, which, if not properly trained, may lead to an incident, accident, death of people on board a train or significant material losses
  2. Training in dealing with a fire in a train
  3. Training for rolling stock auditor related to the inspection (visual inspection) of the rolling stock technical condition
  4. Training on the common faults of rolling stock
  5. Training for trackmaster in area of lay, align, repair and maintain railway tracks
  6. Training in train cargo loading procedures.
  7. Training in putting together a train car set (collecting railway carriages).
  8. Training of Railway Traffic Control for the railway traffic controller.

Project value: 4 351 419.44 PLN
Co-financing value for SIM FACTOR: 1,536,930.35PLN
Project duration: October 2020 – December 2022