Training system for maintenance personnel of wind turbines


SIM FACTOR Sp. z o.o. received funding from the National Center for Regional Research and Development under the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020 for the implementation of the project entitled: Development of a system supporting the training and work of wind farm maintenance personnel, using virtual and augmented reality technology.

The project will conduct industrial research and development works to develop a prototype of comprehensive tools supporting employees of companies that operate and maintain wind farms. The project will include:
-collection of information related to the service complexity of various types of wind turbines in Poland and abroad,
-the synthesis of this information into new knowledge about maintenance processes and service employees’ needs,
-the design, manufacture and test of prototype training solution using virtual reality technology,
-a generated virtual world faithfully recreating the interior of the turbine together with devices installed in the turbine,
-development of automatic evaluation module of the trainee,
-development and tune of algorithms for managing realistic turbine operation,
-comparative studies conducted between training on a virtual and standard training,
-creating solution with the use of augmented reality technology, enabling the improvement of work efficiency by providing innovative information and system support for employees during activities related to maintenance operations,
-training and support solutions will be tested in a near-real environment, and the tests will be carried out in cooperation with a company dealing with the operation of wind farms and will include actual maintenance works, which will allow to develop quality and efficiency and eliminate potential errors in the finished product.

The solution is intended for Polish and foreign companies providing wind turbine maintenance services and for wind farm operators.

Project value: 5 633 952.50 PLN
Co-financing value of SIM FACTOR: 3 387 675.00 PLN
Project duration: June 2021 – November 2023.